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Signal Station North Demonstration Projects

Designers at Flux Studio, Public Mechanics, and PI.KL Studio responded to analysis of current lighting conditions and feedback from months of community engagement to develop several creative concepts that might bring dynamic, functional light and art to the District’s nighttime environment.
Let these ideas inspire you, and keep an eye out for Signal Light Gallery, Modular Light Fixtures, and Field of Dreams, which will be installed by the Signal Project Team in 2022.

Signal Light Gallery

Rendering: Public Mechanics

Carrying forward the District’s history of public murals, Signal Light Gallery, a concept developed by Public Mechanics, brings the luminous work of artists to neighborhood walls through a rotating “gallery” of curated outdoor projections.

Modular Light Fixtures

Rendering: Flux Studio

Infinitely adaptable and scalable, Modular Light Fixtures, developed by Flux Studio, picks up on the District’s language of street art to add subtle, creative surface lighting to non-historic facades.

Field of Dreams

Rendering: PI.KL Studio

The Signal Station North Lighting Plan recommends “singular light art” to illuminate neighborhood spaces—individual light interventions that respond directly to their site. For the Wonderground, a much-loved, community managed space in Greenmount West, PI.KL Studio developed a playful, interactive intervention that supports access to the park after dark.


Flash! Guerrilla lighting at the Seventh Baptist Church. Photo: Karl Connolly Photography
Flash! Guerrilla lighting at the Seventh Baptist Church. Photo: Karl Connolly Photography

During the Fall 2019 Flash! event, volunteers and the Signal team demonstrated the transformative power of light by illuminating neighborhood landmarks like the Seventh Baptist Church on North Avenue.

Community Light Walks

The Signal team leads a group of community members along Charles Street to talk about lighting conditions in Station North.
Photo: Ana Tantaros, Side A Photography

During the summer of 2021, the Signal team led a series of Community Light Walks through the Station North Arts District. Along the way, we guided participants through a series of observations around light in the neighborhood and asked people to consider how urban lighting makes them feel: safe, alert, welcome, surveilled, cautious? We considered the many sources of light and shared short lessons on key concepts: contrast, glare, color rendering.

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