About Signal Station North


Signal Station North is an innovative district lighting plan and public space engagement initiative for Central Baltimore. This unique collaboration between local artists, designers, and nonprofits explores light in public space to engage and enliven communities.

Over the course of the project, which began in late 2019 and will be complete by 2022, the Signal team has developed a number of projects, publications, workshops, and events. Guided by focused listening, research, and urban analysis, these outcomes include a public space lighting plan, creative lighting installations, and practical community tools for the Station North Arts District and other communities wishing to implement lighting projects.

The project is led by the Neighborhood Design Center and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Central Baltimore Partnership, BOPA, the France-Merrick Foundation and the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

Creative Team

Light installation by Flux Studio

Flux Studio

Internationally Renowned Lighting Design Studio

Flux Studio is an award-winning, transdisciplinary practice fueled by a passion for light and a commitment to advancing understanding of light’s critical role in society. Their experience in architectural, furniture, exhibition, and sustainable design makes Flux Studio a valuable team member on a variety of collaborative projects. Current Flux Studio projects include National Museum of Women in the Arts (USA), Asian Art Museum, National Gallery of Art (USA), Houston Zoo and multiple light art commissions.


Broadway Market, designed by PI.KL Studio

PI.Kl Studio

Architecture Design Studio

PI.KL Studio is a full service architecture design studio in Baltimore that pursues integrated design strategies for the urban environment. They engage in all stages of projects, from development through design and construction, and seek to involve a wide spectrum of constituents and design possibilities. Their work involves commercial, residential and cultural projects to promote a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive environment.


Some Thing in the Water light and audio installation by Bruce Willen and PI.KL Studio

Bruce Willen

Artist & Experiential Designer

Bruce Willen is a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and the founder of Public Mechanics, a studio working in public and cultural spaces. Bruce collaborates on projects that jaywalk through the intersection of experiential design, public art, and civic design. Bruce is also founding partner of acclaimed design studio Post Typography where he has led high-profile projects that have shaped the visual language of Baltimore and beyond.


Maura Dwyer instructing Signal volunteers during the Flash! guerrilla lighting event

Maura Dwyer

Multi-disciplinary Artist

Maura Dwyer is a northeast Baltimore native and co-founder of Spectrum Murals, a collective that worked with schools to create curriculum-guided murals. She has led collaborative art installations in Baltimore City that use visual storytelling to define neighborhood identity. When not making public art, she writes, produces and performs crankies, or scrolling panoramas, that combine research and personal narrative, and has performed in the annual Crankie Fests at The Creative Alliance in east Baltimore, Pittsburg, and Brattleboro. She is currently Program Coordinator for the Station North Arts District


April Danielle Lewis

April Lewis

Artist, Visionary, and Community Cultivator

April Lewis’s artwork explores the intersections of history, place, and identity through a social justice and community building lens. Interventions, performances and installations are the vehicles used to express those themes. She is the co-founding Director of Community and Culture at Open Works, a non-profit makerspace whose mission is to make tools, technology and the knowledge to use them accessible to all. With a passion for equitable and intentional community building, April finds fulfillment through her work by helping folks find their way to self-empowerment through making. She also serves as an advisory board member and volunteer librarian at the Station North Tool Library, and Chair of the Board of Directors at Neighborhood Housing Services Baltimore.


Ruby Waldo

Ruby Waldo

Artist & Educator

Ruby Waldo is a pedestrian from Baltimore, Maryland. In her work she explores the relationship between the body and the built environment by facilitating conversations, taking notes, making paper, distributing prints, and building relationships. Ruby encourages students, friends, neighbors, and elders to learn from the places they live and from the structures that shape them.

Project Team & Steering

Project Management

Merrell Hambleton

Briony Hynson

Steering Committee

Neighborhood Design Center

Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

Central Baltimore Partnership

MICA Center for Creative Citizenship

Charles North Community Association

Baltimore Arts Realty Corp.

Station North Arts and Entertainment District

Greenmount West Community Association

Special Thanks

Stephen Towns

Jann Rosen-Queralt

Greater Greenmount Community Association

C. Ryan Patterson

Partners & Sponsors


Neighborhood Design Center

Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

Central Baltimore Partnership

MICA Center for Creative Citizenship

Charles North Community Association

Baltimore Arts Realty Corp.

Station North Arts and Entertainment District


The National Endowment for the Arts

Central Baltimore Partnership

Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

France-Merrick Foundation

Robert W. Deutsch Foundation

Goldseker Foundation